Helia D Professional for MEN

In the early 1980s it was a kind elderly woman whose skin was kept amazingly fresh and smooth in spite of her age, because she had made and used her own creams from sunflower stems. This impression made biogal pharmaceuticals became interested in the cream and did thorough laboratory testing on it. The results of these tests convinced even the company’s experienced researchers, and they immediately began to develop a cosmetic product line based on sunflower stem extract.

Success followed! By the mid-eighties the product line had expanded to more than thirty products and several million boxes of cream were being sold each year. A couple years later, the cream even became a sought-after product on the American market.

Helia-D is known of its use of plantbased active ingredients. A total of nine patent applications have been submitted to trademark the product line, which proves just how innovative the developers are. Among these patents, the first exceptional significance, as it is the patent specification on which the first Helia-D product was based ("cosmetic product with skin and muscle regenerating effects and its manufacturing procedure") the novelty of this description is shown below:

"However, until now, there has been no known skin or body care product that could restore human skin and muscle elasticity".

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